Phil Fung
Even the POTUS likes my work!

Even the POTUS likes my work!

About the Artist:

My name is Phil Fung and I am a Miami-born visual artist. All my life I have lived with one foot in reality and the other in my imagination. My art is my way of sharing the connection between both realms. 

The things I make are a part of me, but also part of the world. My goal is to shine the light a bit brighter on the wonderful in our life.  I can be a master of creation within my work.  My brush strokes can be bolder, my design eye can be sharper, I can find freedom reflecting the world around me. As grandiose as that all sounds, I really just love to make beauty.  I love to make happiness, make people smile, and make something to be proud of. 

Most artists have an artist statement.  I only have an ideal.  Whatever I do, no matter the job or the subject it will be with all my heart. All my craftsmanship, my experience, and my life poured into my work. Trust me, it's way better than any artist statement you can find.



Bachelor's of Fine Art -  Studio Art - Florida State University - 2002

Master's Art Education - University of Central Florida - 2007


Awards and Publications

Manifest Hope - Grand Prize Winner - 2008

Creativity Magazine - Feature Artist - 2008

Ocean Drive Magazine - Featured Artist - 2008

“Guerrilla Artists voting with their Street Art”  Miami Herald - 2008

CNN iReport - Featured Artist - 2009

Published in The Art of Obama - 2009

Runway to Win Grand Prize winner - 2011

Vogue Magazine - Artists for Change - 2012

“Museum History as a Mural” - Miami Herald 2012

Official T-shirt Artist of the Miami Beaux Art Festival 2012

Official Poster Artist of the Pinecrest Art Festival - 2013

Official Poster Artist of Miami Beaux Art Festival 2013

Winner of the Center For Great Apes Art Award - 2013

Creative Ad director Miami Short Film Festival - 2013

“Taste of Pinecrest” - Miami Herald - 2013

“Look Out for this Giant $6000 Mural Stolen Before Basel”  Miami New Time - 2013

Published in I'm in Miami B*tch - 2013

Official Design Artist for SuperMix Concrete Truck Mural 2013

Official designer for the Intercontinental Hotel Wynwood Streets Shop - 2014

Official Design Artist for SuperMix Concrete Truck Mural 2014