Concrete Koi Truck 2013 Art Basel

During the 2013 Art Basel I was approached by my friends at SuperMix to paint one of their concrete trucks to celebrate the arts.  We parked the truck in the heart of Wynwood and I was given full creative license to create a unique art vehicle.  Keeping with the idea that the drum would be in continual motion, I chose to paint koi fish swimming through water.  This truck was featured in many publications and was by far the most photographed public work I've ever attempted.

The truck was completed in a 14 hour painting session on the second to last day of Art Basel.  The best part was seeing it roll around Miami for two years before it had to be re-painted.  

Concrete Cartoon 2014 Art Basel

I was lucky enough to work on a second Concrete truck compliments of SuperMix for Art Basel 2014.  This time around I enlisted the help of my friend Candice Monster.  We decided to paint something whimsical and fun.  Since we both loved to make cartoon art, we painted penguins and monsters.  When we were almost finished all our friends came out and brought out a birthday cake and sang happy birthday to me!  Joy!